I am Elizabeth

I am 27 years old, mother of 2 kids and I am an artist from Greece 🇬🇷

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I Love creating artworks that express emotions and the inner beauty of people.

About Me

Who am I?

Every kid hides an artist inside it. After all, which kid doesn’t like to draw? The difference is that some children continue to draw even when they grow up.

I am one of these kids, since sketching and painting have always been one of my greatest loves. After all, the possibility to create something that will not only look beautiful but at the same time will create a multitude of emotions, is something that really excites me.

For me the sketch is the beginning of everything. Many times I can experiment even while drinking my morning coffee, since the pencil is a basic element on every table in my house.

The final form that a sketch will take can vary. For many years I focused painting on canvas, however in recent years I have also experimented a lot with digital art. After all, the possibilities you can exploit in digital art are literally endless.



Recently started my NFT journey and minted a few of my artworks. You can find more details about them bellow. Each one has its own meaning and story.

@Known Origin

Into The Purple Collection

@ExchangeArt / (Solana)




0.02 ETH @Opensea.io


0.02 ETH @Opensea.io

Free your mind

0.02 ETH @Opensea.io


0.02 ETH @Opensea.io

Hidden Treasures

0.02 ETH @Opensea.io

Coming Soon...


My world of Flowers

Perhaps one can easily understand my love for nature and flowers. The truth is that my admiration for mother nature is huge and this is one of the reasons why I often include flowers in my works.